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How My Lotto Pool Works?

 The 3 roles in a lotto pool

When you start your lotto pool, you're going to play one or more of three roles - member, coordinator and leader. Here are the actions and responsibilities of each:
  • MEMBER: As a pool member, you can:
    • View numbers posted by pool leader or coordinator.
    • Check if your pool has won.
    • View pool member information.
    • Post/view messages on the pool message board
    • View management event log which records management events conducted by the pool leader.
  • COORDINATOR: A lotto pool can have none or several coordinators. The pool leader designates a coordinator or coordinators who can buy all of the tickets and post the numbers to let every member know which combinations are being played on a particular draw.

    It is recommended that, to avoid confusion, the pool leader designated only one coordinator at a time. The leader can rotate the coordinator role among all members of the pool.

  • LEADER: The pool leader is responsible for managing and operating the lotto pool. A pool can have only one leader, and the role is transferable to other members.

    The pool leader's responsibilities include:

    • Setting and changing the post deadline.
    • Setting date and how many sets of ticket numbers to buy of future plays.
    • Designating coordinator who is reponsible for buying lottery tickets.
    • Accepting or rejecting new members.
    • Removing current members for just cause.
    • Transferring the pool leader role to another member if needed.

    Without designating any coordinator, a pool leader can buy all of the tickets and post the ticket numbers.

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The 3 roles in a lotto pool
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