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Wheeling System

  My Favorite Wheels

Click here to learn about Wheeling System.

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You can go to Add Favorite Wheels below to save up to 20 wheels.
The wheels with red color indicate the numbers wheeled are also saved.

  Add Favorite Wheels
Select a game type

Select a wheel type type
  My Smart Wheel

My Smart Wheel automatically generates combinations of your selected wheel using any combination of hot/cold/overdue numbers of any selected time period.

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  My Smart Wheel Plus

My Smart Wheel Plus gives you unheard-of flexibility to generate the wheel combinations you desire.

All numbers are listed from hot to cold, and from most overdue to least overdue. You can use this information to select any combination of hot/cold/overdue numbers to generate your personal wheel combinations.

We give you all of the information you need. You make it work for you in putting together winning wheels!

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