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Virginia Lottery, VA Lotto Information, Contact, Drawing Schedule, Website

 Virginia Lottery

Virginia (VA) Lottery General Information

The Virginia Lottery was created on December 1, 1987, following a 57% to 43% vote in favor of a lottery in November, 1987.

Since the first ticket was sold on Sept 20, 1988, the Virginia Lottery has earned more than $5.3 billion for the Commonwealth of Virginia. By a constitutional amendment passed by Virginia voters in 2000, all Lottery profits are now designated to solely benefit K-12 public schools.

Virginia Lottery players have a wide range of games from which to choose. Instant games are available for $1, $2, $5 and $10, with prizes up to $1 million. On-line games include Pick 3, Pick 4, Cash 5, Win for Life and the extremely popular Mega Millions.

The Virginia Lottery is a billion dollar enterprise and heading it is Sheila Hill-Christian. When Governor Tim Kaine appointed Ms. Hill-Christian to head the Lottery, she became the third executive director in the Lottery's 18 year history and the first African-American to hold that position. Ms. Hill-Christian brings to the job a career filled with service to Virginia.

Virginia Lottery Commission Web Site

Virginia Lottery Drawing Schedule
MEGA Millions          
Decades of Dollars          
Bank a Million          
Gold Ball          
Cash 5 Day
Pick 4 Day
Pick 3 Day
Cash 5 Night
Pick 4 Night
Pick 3 Night

Virginia Lottery Winning Numbers

Search Past VA Lottery Numbers
Recent Virginia MEGA Millions Numbers
Recent Virginia Powerball Numbers
Recent Virginia Decades of Dollars Numbers
Recent Virginia Cash4Life Numbers
Recent Virginia Bank a Million Numbers
Recent Virginia Gold Ball Numbers
Recent Virginia Cash 5 Day Numbers
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Recent Virginia Pick 3 Day Numbers
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Recent Virginia Pick 4 Night Numbers
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Virginia Lottery Contact Information

Lottery Headquarters
900 E. Main Street
Richmond Virginia 23219

Phone: 804-692-7000
Fax: 804-692-7102 - About (VA) Virginia Lottery

  • Virginia (VA) state(lotto) lottery official websites:,,,,,,, We also provide these information about Virginia lottery: contact, address, phone number. Please refer to Resource Center.
  • Virginia (VA) lottery currently offers these lottery games:
    • Powerball is drawn 0: AM
    • MEGA Millions is drawn 0: AM
    • Cash4Life is drawn 0: AM
    • Bank a Million is drawn 0: AM
    • Cash 5 Day is drawn 0: AM
    • Pick 4 Day is drawn 0: AM
    • Pick 3 Day is drawn 0: AM
    • Cash 5 Night is drawn 0: AM
    • Pick 4 Night is drawn 0: AM
    • Pick 3 Night is drawn 0: AM
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