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Scam Alert does NOT hold drawings or award lottery prizes. Illegal scam artists claiming to be affiliated with are circulating letters claiming to award large values in prize money. Fraudulent checks are also being circulated with these letters. THIS IS A SCAM! Do not send them any money or personal information. Contact us directly if you require further information. You can't win if you didn't buy a ticket!

Lottery Scam News
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San Mateo police seek pair linked to lotto scam
SAN MATEO - The San Mateo Police Department is searching for two people who have reportedly scammed several San Mateo County residents out of more than $50,000 by claiming to be the winners of a lottery, San Mateo Police Lt. Tom Daughtry said today.
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
10:18 AM EST
Woman duped of $800 in lottery scam
A MOTHER from Nueva Ecija had pledged to donate one million pesos to a television network’s foundation for children when she gets the one million dollars that she was told she had won in a lottery based in Nigeria.
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
10:18 AM EST
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