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Instant Match Finder

Instruction and Screenshot

Now you don't have to repeatly enter your numbers. You can easily save your numbers and recall these numbers when access the page next time with just one click. Please see below for detail.

 Game: Pick 2 Day Wild (Pennsylvania)   Rule: Wild

  Enter up to 10 sets of ticket numbers

Please note: For this type of game, Match Finder will only list winning numbers which EXACTLY match the numbers you entered.

For single digit game, for example British Columbia All But One, 1 must be entered as 01, 6 must be entered as 06, etc.

 Select draws to conduct Match Finder (Max 20 draws can be selected)

 Conduct Match Finder for the last draws ending

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Have I ever won in the past  
     Important: If this option selected, only winning numbers EXACTLY match your numbers
     will be listed.
  • Save - Click ONCE to save the numbers.
  • Recall - Click to recall the numbers you saved.
  • Clear - Click to clear the numbers you entered.
  • Delete - Click to delete the numbers you saved.
Note: Numbers can only be saved/recalled on the same computer.

  • Save up to 100 ticket combinations in our database.
  • Use the One-Click Have I Won? to find out what numbers on your ticket match the last winning numbers.
  • Choose sending Match Finder results to your email.
  • Add, modify or delete your ticket numbers anytime you want.
  • Conduct Match Finder for winning numbers of any time period at ease ...

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