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Warning issued about lottery scam in Rosenberg

Saturday, April 15, 2006 posted 02:43 AM EDT

The Rosenberg Police Department would like the public to be aware that several scams have been attempted in the Rosenberg area in the past several weeks.

According to Carol Rees, spokesperson for the Rosenberg police, senior citizens tend to be the most likely individuals to be approached.

"In several incidents, citizens have been exposed to a lottery scam where the victim is asked to hold a lotto ticket for a stranger," she said. "The suspect says he or she cannot cash the lotto ticket for various reasons and wants to exchange the ticket for cash from the victim."

Rees said several variations of this lotto scam have appeared in the Rosenberg area, often at a grocery store location. Rosenberg police have received reports of people being approached with this scam, but no actual victims have come forth as of this date.

An e-mail has also began to circulate, stating that the recipient is the long-lost relative of a person who recently died in another country. The writer represents himself as an attorney who has been retained by the courts to track down the heirs to the inheritance.

The victim is then asked to send a certain amount of money to cover the attorney's expenses. After the money is sent to a country outside the United States, the victim never receives any of the supposed inheritance, and the victim has lost the money he or she mailed to the letter writer.

"Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," Rees said.

If you are aware of any scams occurring in the area, contact the Rosenberg Police Department at 281-342-5566.

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