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Wild Money - Rhode Island(RI) - Winning Numbers & Past Results

Rhode Island (RI) Wild Money Past 30 Day Winning Numbers
From: TUE 06/09/20   ~   Thru: THU 07/09/20
THU 07/09/20 03-14-23-27-29-04
TUE 07/07/20 05-13-23-28-35-25
SAT 07/04/20 01-19-23-31-33-21
THU 07/02/20 04-10-22-25-34-29
TUE 06/30/20 09-14-19-23-26-31
SAT 06/27/20 02-13-21-28-34-19
THU 06/25/20 14-16-25-26-28-24
TUE 06/23/20 07-15-20-29-32-26
SAT 06/20/20 04-07-13-14-18-29
THU 06/18/20 21-23-26-28-29-09
TUE 06/16/20 05-10-19-26-29-14
SAT 06/13/20 01-03-07-31-34-35
THU 06/11/20 07-09-13-17-31-05
TUE 06/09/20 10-12-17-23-28-34
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    The largest Wild Money jackpot, $601,206 was hit on March 25, 2006, breaking the previous record of $315,869 won in the the very first payout on April 13, 2002.

    Wild Money is the Rhode Island Lottery’s progressive jackpot game! The jackpot starts at $20,000 and gets progressively larger until there is a winner!

    To play, select five numbers from 1 to 35, on a $1 wager. Five numbers are drawn from that field of 35. Match the 5 numbers and win the jackpot!

    An EXTRA ball is drawn from the remaining 30 numbers to match for additional secondary prizes. Wild Money offers six ways to win.

    The EXTRA ball is not selected by you or the computer and does not appear on your ticket. This is an additional number that is drawn. The EXTRA ball is ONLY used to determine secondary prizes.

    Drawings are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Tickets can be purchased up to five minutes prior to drawing and resume approximately five minutes following the drawing. - More About Rhode Island (RI) Wild Money Lottery provides the below information:
    • Rhode Island Wild Money drawing results (winning numbers), hot/cold Numbers, jackpots
    • Rhode Island Wild Money Prizes and Winning Odds, wheeling system, payout, frequency chart, how to play, how to win, etc.

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