New Jersey Cash 5 Past Winning Numbers

New Jersey Cash 5 past winning numbers, organized in reverse chronological order by drawing dates.
New Jersey (NJ) Cash 5 Past 30 Day Winning Numbers
From: MON 04/29/24   ~   Thru: WED 05/29/24
TUE 05/28/24 09-10-13-20-21-03
MON 05/27/24 09-19-27-37-42-04
SUN 05/26/24 01-12-26-35-36-05
SAT 05/25/24 17-19-20-22-45-03
FRI 05/24/24 06-17-19-31-42-03
THU 05/23/24 16-19-21-36-37-05
WED 05/22/24 06-23-35-36-39-05
TUE 05/21/24 16-19-23-35-38-03
MON 05/20/24 01-08-13-14-37-02
SUN 05/19/24 11-13-22-39-42-04
SAT 05/18/24 04-22-25-28-34-02
FRI 05/17/24 13-16-34-36-42-03
THU 05/16/24 05-13-14-22-33-04
WED 05/15/24 08-14-16-22-25-03
TUE 05/14/24 05-06-09-27-28-04
MON 05/13/24 16-26-31-34-45-02
SUN 05/12/24 08-16-19-26-32-04
SAT 05/11/24 13-18-24-29-35-03
FRI 05/10/24 01-08-10-16-39-02
THU 05/09/24 07-11-29-31-45-04
WED 05/08/24 10-11-14-19-43-03
TUE 05/07/24 08-09-14-39-43-05
MON 05/06/24 02-23-27-32-42-05
SUN 05/05/24 06-08-30-31-40-04
SAT 05/04/24 03-04-05-26-38-04
FRI 05/03/24 15-18-20-30-43-02
THU 05/02/24 05-19-33-35-36-04
WED 05/01/24 01-03-25-28-32-05
TUE 04/30/24 10-23-27-38-43-02
MON 04/29/24 11-18-20-25-36-03
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    How to Play New Jersey Cash 5?

    Now you can win bigger jackpots seven days a week. Plus if no one wins the daily top prize, that money will be "rolled over" and added to the prize money of the next day's drawing - so jackpots can grow and grow! It's easy to play. Just ask your New Jersey Lottery Retailer for a Jersey Cash 5 bet slip. Each bet slip is divided into five separate panels, containing a field of numbers from 1 to 40. Select five numbers from each panel. Play one to five panels.

    Run out of numbers to play? Then ask for a "Quick 5"! The Lottery computer will randomly select five numbers for you. It's quick, easy, and convenient. You can Quick Pick as often as you like!

    Each Jersey Cash 5 bet is just $1.00. That means each panel you complete on your bet slip costs $1.00. Please make sure to check your tickets before leaving the store to ensure that the proper numbers and dates have been selected.

    You can play the same Jersey Cash 5 numbers for up to 21 consecutive draws. Just mark the number of draws on your bet slip corresponding to the number of drawings you wish to play. This will include the current draw and will not skip any draw(s) in between.


    When you win, sign the back of your ticket immediately. Then take it to any New Jersey Lottery Retailer for validation. New Jersey Lottery winners can claim a prize worth $599.50 or less at any New Jersey Lottery Retailer and be paid cash at the time of the claim. A winner claiming a prize over $599.50 can do so at their New Jersey Lottery Retailer or at Lottery Headquarters. However, they must fill out a claim form, and the winnings will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. It takes approximately three weeks to receive a check from the New Jersey Lottery. Top-prize Pick-6 Lotto winners must contact Lottery Headquarters in Lawrenceville and present their ticket in person. Proper identification for tax purposes must be presented at the time of the claim.


    The Energy Policy Act of 1992, section 1942, requires the New Jersey Lottery to withhold a minimum 25% of all prize payments to any Lottery winner who has won more than $5,000 on any Lottery wager. At the end of the year, the winner will receive a W2-G form to properly credit the withholding as a tax payment on their federal income tax form.

    New Jersey residents who win a New Jersey Lottery prize are not required to pay any New Jersey state income tax on their winnings. Winners who do not possess a social security number are subject to a 30% federal income tax deduction on any prize over $599.50. - More About New Jersey (NJ) Cash 5 Lottery provides the below information:
    • New Jersey Cash 5 drawing results (winning numbers), hot/cold Numbers, jackpots
    • New Jersey Cash 5 Prizes and Winning Odds, wheeling system, payout, frequency chart, how to play, how to win, etc.